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Survivaltech.club is your newsletter on deeptech climate solutions and startups. Already +3000 climate investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and climate enthusiasts read it!

Survivaltech.club explores how science-based solutions can help save humankind from climate change.

Here’s what you can expect:

🎙️ Interviews with pioneering climate startup founders and investors (e.g. Mia Diawara, Partner at Lowercarbon Capital; Florent Héroguel, Co-Founder and COO of Bloom Biorenewables)

📚 Deep dives into industries that we need to decarbonize and technologies that can help us do that (e.g. air travel, concrete, green hydrogen)

Join the journey of learning. We have our humankind to save with survival tech (= climate tech).

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Hello, Human! A cool welcome to Survivaltech.club.

I’m Pauliina Meskanen, the person behind Survivaltech.club. My life mission is to save our humankind from the climate crisis with science and entrepreneurship.

My goal is to build a hardware climate startup that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.5Gt of CO2e annually.

Survivaltech.club newsletter is my way of learning about climate tech and getting to know amazing fellow climate people.

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Pauliina Meskanen

On a mission to save humankind from climate change with science and entrepreneurship.